September 10, 2015

Label Story: Houyi Vineyard

The Name: Houyi Vineyard is the site on Pritchard Hill from which we source this single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Owned by the Chang Family, it was named after the Chinese mythological archer, Houyi, who shot down nine of the ten sunbirds in order to restore balance to Earth.

The Label: Taken on a vintage polaroid, the photo paints the picture of this raw landscape stripped down to its bare and rugged essence. The transparent strength and structure of layered rock demonstrates the sheer gravity of the site, and the giant industrial claws resting next to the pile of stone look exhausted, yet satisfied, from moving iron-rich boulders. In our never-ending search to highlight blessed plots, this label epitomizes the land’s unique and rocky terrain, and provides a glimpse into the sheer magnitude of transforming raw land into a great vineyard.

October 1, 2014

Label Story: The Tempest